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IONM in neurosurgery

IONM includes the monitoring of the central and peripheral nervous system of patients during surgical interventions. The continual feedback that doctors get through the application of IONM during surgery which could damage nerve tissues and structures can help to minimise the risk of injury, therefore optimising the results of the operation. The successful application of IONM requires dynamic interaction between the different disciplines involved in the intervention.

In a variety of courses on this broad topic, application specialists from both technical and medical backgrounds and with years of experience discuss their specialist knowledge regarding the various areas of application of IONM. Medical foundations, including in anatomy, physiology and electrophysiology, are also a key part of these courses, as are discussions of example cases and hands-on workshops. In lectures, internationally renowned IONM users talk about applying the latest methods.

2023 | IONM for surgical staff | DE

6th - 7th November 2023
Online & ARKANA Forum, Emmendingen, Germany

2023 | IONM in neurosurgery | DE

18th - 19th September 2023
Online & ARKANA Forum, Emmendingen, Germany

2024 | IONM in neurosurgery

18th - 19th March 2024
Arkana Forum Emmendingen & Online