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IONM in thyroid and colorectal surgery

In endocrinology, IONM is routinely used successfully during thyroid operations. The IONM Thyroid course is therefore particularly suitable for general, visceral, thoracic and endocrine surgeons and anaesthesiologists, as well as medical personnel who want to build on their existing foundations and optimise and update their IONM knowledge or who want to start using IONM during thyroid operations.

An important area of IONM is also pelvic monitoring during operations in the pelvis minor to monitor the autonomous nerve structures. As well as sharing knowledge about pelvic neuroanatomy, this course will also discuss the principles of monitoring the autonomous pelvis minor nerves (bladder and sphincter function) and the anaesthesiological aspects of pIOM.

2024, we will offer new courses on this topic. As soon as the concrete course dates are fixed, they will be published here.