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ARKANA Forum is a company that has made a name for itself among specialist medical groups around the world as a place for advanced training.

The foundation of ARKANA Forum has been inspired by the rapid developments of intraoperative neuromonitoring. The goal of the procedure is to avoid damage of nerve structures during surgical operations and to contribute to an improved operation result for the patients.

With the continuous development of intraoperative neuromonitoring, its increasing areas of application and the necessity of professional use of the innovative technology, more well-trained application specialists are required. Also due to globalisation, the need for specialised advanced medical training has increased.

With that in mind, ARKANA Forum has evolved into an independent and autonomous company. Today, medical professionals from all over the world come to Emmendingen to learn from experts, share knowledge and experiences with colleagues and provide fresh impetus for new innovative steps. In specialist medical circles, ARKANA Forum is seen as a medical education centre.

ARKANA Forum is also a very popular conference centre used by companies in Emmendingen and the surrounding area. The modern conference rooms with the latest technology are booked all year round by a wide variety of companies.

ARKANA Forum is also making great strides with the development of new learning concepts. Digitalisation makes it possible for people to get further training regardless of their location or the time, and it offers a new quality of knowledge transfer. ARKANA Forum is continuously implementing this efficient learning format. At the same time, people travel to ARKANA Forum for on-site gatherings and trainings to deepen their knowledge and train in practical applications.

ARKANA Forum – Knowledge shapes the future.