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2021 | IONM Thyroid

This course takes the increasing use of IONM in surgical interventions into account. The course focuses on the use of IONM during thyroid operations. Experienced users provide an exclusive overview of methods, applications and innovations in their specialist fields.


  • Intermittent and continuous intraoperative neuromonitoring (cIONM) in thyroid surgery

Target group

  • Doctors who already use IONM and who want to deepen their knowledge
  • Doctors who are responsible for IONM or who want to establish the use of IONM in their clinic

In this course you will learn

  • IONM basics with regards to technologies, applications and innovations
  • Placing of electrodes, system, stimulation and recording technologies
  • Tips and tricks for OP preparation, like lens barrel selection and placing
  • Intermittent and continuous neuromonitoring of the nervus vagus, nervus laryngeus recurrens and nervus laryngeus superior
  • Anasthesiological aspects of IONM
  • Mechanisms / Causes of signal changes
  • Differentiation of function-related signal changes and artefacts
  • Consequences of intraoperative signal changes and signal loss
  • Tips and tricks with particular patients or operative situations
  • Documentation of IONM findings and quality checks
  • Demonstration of the application of (c)IONM in thyroidectomies (if necessary with central or (uni)lateral lymphadenectomy) through observing a live operation



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